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Confessions of Newbie!

Signed up!

So, you’ve made the decision to try out at our box…. a ‘friend’ persuaded you…and curiosity got the better of you. You’re either joining for a buddy workout…or have decided to commit…and signed on….Brave 😉

Whether you walk in with some level of fitness…or having only lifted your hand to sip your glorious coffee…. it’s always intimidating being in a new space.

Perhaps you are feeling worried or nervous, about what to expect from this ‘CrossFit’ thing? If you are, not to worry, you are not alone…. many newbies have been here before….

The first day in the mind of a newbie…

I walk in…. there is a class running….

What have I done….am I even fit enough to be trying this out…?

Is it too late for me to back out…Maybe I can make a run for it…

Ok, someone just waved at me…it’s too late now.

Maybe if I just find a safe spot in the corner with my back to the wall, I’ll be okay…

Everyone looks so strong….

I have no clue what they doing…. but it looks tough…

The class program is on the big screen, but I have no clue what it all means….

The class finishes and everyone is lying on the floor…. why am I here again?!

Wait, what…. are those…high 5’s…smiles…. everyone is standing up. Happy. Almost accomplished…

Okay, if they smiling it can’t be that bad…right?

Don’t let the day one jitters overshadow the excitement of starting something new.

You should rather:

• Get excited

• Take in every opportunity to learn….in every class. The coaches have a wealth of

knowledge and expertise. Absorb as much as possible.

• Don’t be afraid to grab hold of a coach…and ask for help.

• Don’t be afraid to make friends...fist pumps, handshakes and high 5’s are all welcomed.

There is such a great community within our box…and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it

• Take it easy. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with anyone. It’s you vs you. Give your

best effort. Focus on moving well. Always quality over quantity.

• It’s a process. Enjoy it. Don’t panic if you feel you are struggling, or don’t know

everything off the bat.

• Again…don’t be afraid to ask…everyone started somewhere…

Stick it out. The first little bit may feel frustrating. The Groundwork will be a great place to learn and prepare for classes.

Disclaimer: Crossfit will lead to a stronger, fitter, happier and healthier you, with side effects of occasional stiffness… hang in there…it’s going to be one heck of a journey

Cindy Helena

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